Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Garden update

Six square yards of spent mushroom compost were delivered on Saturday, and I spent a lot of the weekend shovelling it into the wheelbarrow and then lugging it over the steep garden behind the pool, where the daylilies are. Hopefully this will help retain moisture and prevent all the topsoil washing away as I gradually replace the weeds with perennials. Now it's going to rain for the rest of the week, so the remaining pile of compost has to wait.

Planted beans this weekend, but didn't get around to sowing the runner beans until last night (they'd been soaking in a jar of water overnight). This morning, I find that someone (squirrel? raccoon?) had dug them all up again, but hadn't eaten them. So I planted them again. This may be a daily activity until they dig their roots in.

The baby peach tree has lots of baby peaches--but it also has peach leaf curl. Sad face. Can't do anything about it now except for pinching-off the badly-affected leaves. At least the tree is still small enough to do that easily. Will have to use a preventative spray in the winter.

The Jerusalem artichokes are beginning to sprout--two have emerged so far. And the horseradish is sending up leaves. The rhubarb seems to be struggling a little but not giving up yet. The asparagus, however, has failed to show: I may have planted it in the wrong place. That's part of the discovery process. This garden is teaching me something new every day.

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