Thursday, April 5, 2012

The mystery of the disappearing peas... and the daylily fairy

All of the peas that I have planted, with the exception of those in the raised beds (which are growing like triffids) have disappeared. This includes garden peas, sugar/snap peas, mange-tout and sweet peas; those that were planted late last year and this spring, those that were pre-sprouted and those that were not.

Either there is something in the soil that they don't like, or there's someone/something diligently following the plantings and eating them as soon as they have been sown. I think they did it to the dahlia tubers too.

Maybe I'm wrong and they'll all suddenly appear in a glut of pea-ish-ness just in time for Sacramento heat. But it seems strange that they would flourish in the raised beds, and not in the soil (raised beds are topsoil too and in a less-sunny area of the garden to those that were planted directly in earth).

But the daylilies... I think the daylily fairy godmother has been helping out. I know I bought a lot last year and tried to divide as many as possible (using them on a hillside to help control erosion). But not this many... they are appearing all over the place!  Magic!

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