Saturday, March 31, 2012

Plant-sale plants

This morning--just before the rainstorm arrived, and stayed all day, heavily--there was a plant sale at the Shepard Garden and Arts center, part of McKinley Park in Sacramento, organized by the Sacramento Perennial Plant Club.

In a part of Sacramento where all the streets are lined with trees and cute cottages, it's just where you'd expect to find lots of people in their gardens and sharing plants and cuttings and seeds.

A house on the corner, close to where I parked, had a beautiful mature dogwood in full-white bloom. I found an Eastern Flowering Dogwood seedling at the sale, and brought it home. Maybe in fifty years time, it will look like the one on Park Street.

Also brought home:
The herbs were all from  Morningsun Herb Farm in Vacaville, where they apparently have a huge selection of medicinal herbs and perennials available. Road trip anyone?

Now it just needs to stop raining and dry up a little so that they can be planted.

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