Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vegetable garden revealed!

Today was the day... I removed the mesh that had been protecting the sheet-mulched area of the back yard from turkeys and wind and random destruction. I think I'd been putting off the moment of plunging the fork into the ground, worried that there would be a mess of perennial weeds underneath all white and zombie-like and ready-to-grow-the-moment-light-appeared... but no! The mulch has done its job.

It was remarkably easy to dig. Remember this is Sacramento hard-pan clay.

The earthworms may have had a lot to do with it--there were hundreds, below the mulch in the earth, doing what earthworms do and making the soil soft and ready for the garden. Pulling in the compost.

Cold-season seeds planted, onions and shallots too. And a couple of six-packs from Home Depot--I don't have a greenhouse (yet) and wanted to get an early start.

Now how long will our "cold season" last? Will it rain until end-of-May like last year, or will we have 100 F days by mid-April?  Time will tell. More to the point: will the netting keep the turkeys off?

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