Monday, March 19, 2012

New/old camera, rainy weekend

On Saturday, dodging rainstorms, I went to my favourite thrift store on Auburn Boulevard, and found a Pentax K1000 manual film camera with a 63 mm zoom lens. I couldn't resist it... Took it to be cleaned at the camera shop on Cirby in Roseville; they checked it all, including the light meter, and I stocked up on film. Took one black-and-white film, forgetting that I now need to take it to a specialty photographic processor as it was Ilford non-C41. Then took a roll of Agfa 400 ASA colour, by which time I'd just-about remembered how to adjust all the dials for aperture, speed, etc. Then had the film developed at Walgreens, including a CD.

This is my favourite: below the oak tree which is behind the garage, looking towards the creek.

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