Tuesday, October 25, 2016

People of Aftershock!!! You did it, again!!!! And here's the proof!!!

People of Aftershock

(This year's People of Aftershock gallery: click here! You might find yourself... Feel free to use the Share button!)

And what a weekend that was! You walked, for miles, and miles it seemed, from one stage to the next and back again, or you arrived really early and stood at the barrier, all day, waiting for your best band to be on stage.

People of Aftershock

You dressed as Jesus and you dressed as the Devil, and somewhere or nowhere in-between. You had mohawks and dreadlocks and shaves, and little buns like cats ears.

People of Aftershock

You wore black, white, this year's and last year's Aftershock T-shirts, T-shirts with bands' names on and T-shirts with messages that we agreed with or we didn't, or of bands that weren't there but you hoped that maybe, like magic, they'd appear. And you wore T-shirts with kittens on, and T-shirts with skulls and skeletons because after all, it's October and it's metal and it's Aftershock weekend.

People of Aftershock

You worked in the pit and provided secure arms for the crowdsurfers to land in, especially during Parkway Drive's set, when the surfers went berzonkers, or you stood at the barrier, watching the band, not noticing the bodies that flew over your head into the pit, so intent you were on the music, the music, the music.

People of Aftershock

You kindly watered the front row who had been standing in the barrier, in the sun, all Sunday, when suddenly it seemed like the 100-degree-plus Aftershocks of previous years, and you retrieved people twice your size who had just had enough of being right up close and personal with the barrier, in the heat, and those who had consumed more beer than water in the midday.

Catching the crowdsurfers

You worked all day and all night, and fed us a huge variety of yummy and delicious food, from gourmet food trucks and stands and ovens and grills, and you served us a river of liquids, from Monster to Jack Daniels, and all the beer and water in-between.

And you drank too much, or you drank too little, and you fell over just a little bit, and it was all just part of the fun.

People of Aftershock

You were on stage and you made the music, you kept us moving, dancing, circling a pit, surfing and singing and cheering and raising those metal horns, time after time. Or you gave children and adults alike the wonderful, unforgettable Music Experience, and the feeling of playing like the heros on stage, and you were the heros on stage who came down and met us, signing this and that and the other, and making us all very, very happy.

People of Aftershock

Did you ever look behind you, and see just how many you were??? It was stunning, amazing, gob-smackingly huge, the crowd you made, and you just kept on growing until there wasn't any music left, not one drop.

Sideshow Joe

And then, once again, it's over, and packed-up-and-done, the bands have moved on, the music is still ringing in our ears, but nothing is left but a few empty beer cups and a whole load of Sacramento summer dust.

Until next year.  Aftershock, we miss you already!!!  Come back, come back!!!

(Many more photos in the People of Aftershock 2016 photo gallery. And all the band photos will be coming soon... check back here often, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates.)

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