Sunday, October 30, 2016

Aftershock review and photos: Meshuggah

Jens Kidman, vocals, Meshuggah
Meshuggah: vocals by Jens Kidman, art by Keerych.Luminokaya
If Frank Zappa was to reincarnate as a Swedish heavy metal musician, I have no doubt but that his new band might sound something rather like Meshuggah: totally-unique, incredibly complex, intriguing, sometimes-overwhelming, and it's not until you realise that you don't have sufficient free brain cells to figure it all out, that you start to really enjoy it. And that's what a huge crowd were doing at Aftershock last weekend: enjoying Meshuggah's wonderful and important brand of very, very, extreme heavy metal.

Meshuggah, Aftershock 2016
Meshuggah hail from the university town of Umeå in Northern Sweden; band members are Jens Kidman (vocals), Fredrik Thordenal and Mårten Hagström (guitars), Tomas Haake (drums), and Dick Lövgren (bass).

Mårten Hagström, guitar, Meshuggah
Mårten Hagström, eight-string guitar, Meshuggah
Meshuggah released their latest album, The Violent Sleep of Reason, on October 7th this year, and you can find it here and here and here. The artwork by Keerych.Luminokaya is beautiful, and was on display in the backdrop of the stage at Aftershock.

Meshuggah have a few more tour dates in North America, and then they return to Europe for many dates in December and January. Find all the info here on their tour page!

More photos in the Aftershock 2016 Meshuggah photo gallery: just click!

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