Monday, October 24, 2016

... And wow, what a weekend that was!!!

Monday morning, and every single bit of me aches... clocked over 36K steps over the past two days, walking from stage-to-stage at Aftershock, and while those of you who didn't have the luxury of nipping through the VIP area probably walked a few more miles than I did, carrying around 16lbs of equipment and stuff I think we're probably about equal and I definitely earned those delicious fries from the variety of food trucks that you saw me scoffing on both days, so don't ask what happened to the diet this weekend, OK???

The weekend started with Marillion at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on Friday evening--did I mention they are on tour right now??--then a 6am Greyhound back to Sacramento (sleep? what's that?) in time for Aftershock's Saturday openers... and somehow now it's Monday, it's MY BIRTHDAY!!! and as a present to share I have about a million photos to edit. (There are one or two already up on the Facebook page so please follow it if you don't already!)

So much good music... Marillion were, as always, incredible, inspiring, wonderful. Aftershock was so many tens-of-thousands of people enjoying a huge variety of music in the beautiful setting of Sacramento's Discovery Park. Of the bands I hadn't had the pleasure of seeing live before, Avatar far-and-away were my favourites... I hope, no, I expect to see them headlining sometime very soon. The Mendenhall Experiment and Ghost, amazing too. Of bands I've seen before, Disturbed and Korn were incredible.

Overall, Sunday's Aftershock lineup was more my kind of music than Saturday's (apart from Avatar), but that just goes to show how there is something for everyone at these festivals: it's fun seeing your favourite bands, it's fun discovering new music, and it's great seeing other people really enjoying sounds that you might not always listen to yourself.

It's going to take a while to edit all the photos. First I have to go pick up the cat from the cat hotel... then the work will begin. I will start with Marillion, then Aftershock... please be patient and keep checking back here for updates! (And if you're heading to the Marillion gigs in Boston, Washington, Philadelphia or New York, I'll see you there!)

May the music be with you!

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