Monday, June 6, 2016

Aftershock lineup announced tomorrow... and First Festival very soon!

People of Aftershock 2015
(A few of the ) people of Aftershock 2015
So, Sacramento, NorCal, California, the world... are you ready for tomorrow? (In addition to voting in the California primaries, I mean. Go vote early!!)

Do you have an alarm set, for one minute before midday, so that you can zoom over to Aftershock's website or Facebook, to see the lineup for this year's festival? Who do you think will be included? What surprises will this year bring? Can you wait??? Have you seen the recap video from last year?  Did you find yourselves in last year's photos, and are you ready for this year????

I have a few on my wishlist. Fingers crossed!!!

(And seriously... don't forget to vote in the excitement of the lineup. Go Rock the Vote, too!)

Aftershock will certainly bring huge, national and international stars. But each and every one of these bands all started as "local" bands once-upon-a-time... in fact, no matter how huge they are today, they are still somebody's local, hometown band. In a couple of weeks, June 18th and 19th, we have the opportunity to enjoy a whole slew of local music heros, at the aptly-titled First Festival. It's two days of music from a great variety of local bands, and it's all happening at Southside Park in downtown Sacramento. Check out the website, get your tickets, and go have some fun!.

Heat of Damage will be there. Zeroclient will be there. And oh so many more!!! One band I'm particularly looking forwards to seeing and hearing again is Face The Horizon, after seeing them for the first time on Saturday at Harlows, where they opened for Fair Struggle. Might even get to see them in the light...

Face The Horizon
Face The Horizon, Harlows, Sacramento

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