Friday, June 10, 2016

Something different this weekend--horses!

Horse, Connemara, Ireland
Horse, Ireland
For years, I thought that the only thing that happened at Calexpo, the site of the State Fair was the State Fair. How very wrong!!! There are events happening throughout the year, including the City of Trees music festival later this year, football/soccer throughout the summer, the State Fair (with lots of concerts) of course, and this weekend too. More info for all upcoming events can be found on the Calexpo website.

This weekend, it's the location for the Western States Horse Expo... and we're going. And there will be photos. There will be rock star horses, and riders, no doubt. It starts today and continues through Sunday; horses, riders, education, shopping, art, clinics, everything horse... fun! You can even "test drive" a new horse...

There is a full schedule here and the website has all the details.  Ticket info is here, and children aged six and under go free!

Remember when we went to the zoo?

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