Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Protoje and some Jamaica sunshine

Supporting Rebelution on the Winter Greens tour is Protoje; singer and songwriter from Jamaica, reggae with a touch of dancehall, dubstep, ska, and it's the Caribbean sound that resonates much more with me than any variety of Cali-rock. I always have to remind myself that both Bob Marley and reggae, ska, calypso and West Indies music in general was much bigger a deal in England; while Marley was a hero in the UK during his lifetime, it was much later in the USA. Culturally and connection-wise, there has always been a strong link between the UK and Jamaica--there's an earlier connection which became part of British music way back. Blame it on colonialism... but it's there, and we love our reggae.

Protoje and band, Rebelution's Winter Greens tour 2016
Protoje's show at Thunder Valley Casino Resort began with the long instrumental intro typical to reggae shows; two beautiful ladies dancing, excellent backing musicians, and then Protoje bouncing onto the stage. Moving from serene to high energy and back throughout the show.

Protoje has collaborated with Chronixx (Who Knows)  and with Ky-Mani Marley (Rasta Love), among others. Protoje's album, Ancient Future, was celebrated in the UK and topped the USA Billboard reggae charts. The whole album is excellent, and well worth a listen.

He stole the show for me.

Protoje, Thunder Valley Casino Resort, California
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Check out this video for Answer To Your Name, from Ancient Future; reggae, ska, and just really, really good.

Also check out Ky-Mani Marley... his album Maestro was my reggae favourite of last year.

Travel sites keep sending me special deals on flights from SMF to Montego Bay. I wonder why???

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