Friday, March 11, 2016

FallRise last show... what comes next?

SACRAMENTO, CA - SEPTEMBER 23: FallRise, performing at the Aftershock music festival, Sacramento CA, on September 23, 2012.
FallRise, Aftershock 2012
Tomorrow evening, at the Ace of Spades, will be the final show for Sacramento's FallRise. While sad that this is happening, I'm much more interested to find out What's Coming Next, because I can't for one moment imagine that they are going to keep the music inside them quiet.

A big part of Sacramento's music scene, they deserve a great send-off tomorrow night!

FallRise, Sacramento, May 2015
FallRise, Ace of Spades, 2015
Also part of the evening: The Alpha Complex, White Knuckle Riot, Sages, Madison Ave,
Heat of Damage, A Mile Till Dawn, and Conceived In Chaos. All your favourite local bands!

Dave Gorman of Fallrise at Aftershock 2014
FallRise, Aftershock 2014

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