Monday, March 14, 2016

Foals, Bear Hands, Silversun Pickups: photos and more from the Spring Fling tour!

Yannis Philippakis, guitar and vocals, Foals
Yannis Philippakis, Foals
The entire evening was wonderful: each band different, each band putting on a show as if they were headlining, and that's why this was such a good, entertaining show. Everyone who was in the audience saw their money's worth, and more. More than four hours of excellent performance and really good music. Nice job, all of you, Spring Fling tour bands!!!

Silversun Pickups
Silversun Pickups
Unlike Karli, who wrote this Spring Fling Tour preview, I hadn't seen any of these bands before, and they have all left a musical impression; Bear Hands, post-punk-indie-rock from Brooklyn, NY; almost-shy, hiding in the lights (and a challenge to photograph); Silversun Pickups, alternative-rock, and a very, very active drummer; and Foals, indie-rock from the UK. Oh Foals, I love you--not just because you are from England and another in the latest British Invasion, but because I haven't stopped listening to you since I came home from the show.

Can we do this all again soon, please, Radio 94.7?

Dylan Rau, vocals, Bear Hands
Dylan Rau, Bear Hands

Try and catch this tour if you can--see the earlier post for Cage The Elephant for more tour details.

All the photos are now online in the galleries, click on the links below (or on any of the images in this post):

- Cage The Elephant
- Silversun Pickups
- Foals
- Bear Hands


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