Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cecil, our hypocrisy... and Sanctitude. Music to restore hope.

Lioness and her cubs
Lioness, Sacramento Zoo
On a day when the world reacted to the news of yet-another, beautiful, wonderful, incredible, natural, beast being killed for the sake of one human's desire, not need, not food, just personal want and bloodlust and desire...

Between the tears the story brought to so many of us, the helplessness, the frustration and the pain... I had to wonder how long the story will last, how soon before we all move on to the next sensation, and forget the stolen life of Cecil. 

And that of his cubs, who will no doubt now become incidental victims to this crime of big-game hunting, as the life of the pride carries on, and a new leader assumes Cecil's place.

This is what I wrote on Facebook.

"Just think how much camera equipment, and how much safari-time, and how much generosity-towards-the-local-economy, etc. etc. etc. could have been paid for with $50,000, and with the same hunt-adrenaline and adventure and pride and prowess and skill and the capure of the most-beautiful lion photo ever... INSTEAD OF KILLING IT AND CUTTING ITS BEAUTIFUL HEAD OFF.
I am so very, very upset about the killing of (yet another) magnificent wild animal by (yet another) rich, entitled, white human being. Whether it's this dude with his lion, or that woman with the giraffe, they all make me sad to be human.
The internet is ablaze with this story. We're all upset because this magnificent lion had a name, and was known. The hunter is supposedly upset because he killed the lion-with-a-name, not some other unnamed but equally-magnificent leader of a pride, as he intended when he set out with a weapon and not a camera, or just his eyes. And yet... people, human beings, are also being shot and killed each and every day.Why are we not equally upset, repelled, angry, about that waste of life, too? Wars, gangs, crime, trafficking, "the right to bear arms"... aren't we all a little hypocritical?
RIP Cecil. We love you."
And so... I picked up nearest, unplayed-as-yet CD (yes, I do still buy physical copies, more-and-more vinyl these days again too). Katatonia, Sanctitude, almost-acoustic, Live At Union Chapel.
It was just the beauty my ears needed, tonight. Dark, calming, candlelit, soulful, hope. Music to restore hope.
Here's a sample from the video recording... check it out.

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