Saturday, July 4, 2015

Highly Suspect... one to watch out for at Aftershock (and see this video, learn to swim!)

Driving back from Santa Cruz, listening to Octane on satellite radio, and Highly Suspect's new single, Lydia, came on.

Great sound. Really looking forwards to seeing them at Aftershock this year. This Brooklyn band will be playing on Sunday, October 25th.

Check out the video. It was filmed, all in one take, completely underwater. The actress is world-champion free-diver and sports psychologist Marina Kazankova. Beautiful, scary, moving... still, scary. Can you hold your breath that long? I couldn't, not even when swimming several times a week. Wow.

Did you learn to swim, yet?

Go listen. This band is worth hearing. Very. Pre-order their upcoming album, Mister Asylum, on their website. (Expected release date, June 14th.) Highly Suspect are Ryan Meyer (drums and vocals), Rich Meyer (bass and vocals) and Johnny Stevens (guitar, vocals and synth).

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