Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chase Rice, country boy but rocking it at the California State Fair

Chase Rice at California State Fair
Chase Rice, California State Fair
I could tell it was going to be one of those country-girl nights; the audience was full of fresh-faced young ladies, every one busy with a cell phone; lots of cowboy boots and hats, despite the achingly-high Sacramento temperatures. After all, Chase Rice is a bit of a hearthrob: not yet thirty years old, he's one of the named cowriters on Florida Georgia Line's hit single "Cruise", has had all sorts of jobs and adventures already,,.. oh. He also survived Survivor (does that have anything to do with his female following? I'm guessing, just a little, though they obviously love the music too!

Chase Rice at California State Fair
Chase Rice, California State Fair
When Chase walked onto the stage, he said he wanted Friday's show to be the loudest of all the shows at the State Fair. (Given the stacks of amps and speakers, that shouldn't have been too hard.) I don't know if anyone measured the sound levels, but one thing I am 550% certain of is this: NO OTHER show at the State Fair provoked anywhere near as many selfies as Chase Rice's show. None. Not one.

Selfie time: fans enjoing the Chase Rice show
Selfies with Chase Rice, California State Fair
Fun, country, but with enough rock to make it the sort of music accessible to a huge audience. Twinkling eyes, a lovely smile, a strong voice... no wonder the girls are all raising signs with suggestive mottos lifted from Chase's own words...

Chase Rice at California State Fair
Chase Rice, California State Fair
In all seriousness: if you want to hear some good, rocking, country music, take a listen to Chase Rice's album, Ignite The Night. iTunes classifies it as "Urban Cowboy" and "Progressive Country". There's lots of mention of beer, girls, riding, tanlines, partying, Jack, smoke, and seeing the light. It's fun, it's country, it's Chase Rice.

Oh. And his band, they really, really rocked. (If anyone can send me the names for the unnamed band members, please do!)

Want to follow Chase Rice on tour? Find dates here:

Chase Rice and his band
Chase Rice's band, California State Fair

Brandon Autry, guitar, Chase Rice
Brandon Autry, guitar with Chase Rice, California State Fair

Jeremy Roberson, drums, Chase Rice
Jeremy Roberson, drums, Chase Rice at California State Fair (note the custom hi0hats!)
"I'm lost somewhere between Jack Daniels and Jesus..."

More photos from Friday's show at the California State Fair, see the Toon's Tunes Chase Rice photo gallery. Includes some fan photos: were you there?

Here's the latest music video from Chase Rice: "Ride" (which explains one or two of the signs in the audience!)

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