Sunday, October 19, 2014

Soundtrack to a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning... Steve Rothery's "The Ghosts of Pripyat"

Marillion, Cropredy festival, 2014
Steve Rothery, Cropredy festival, 2014
Released in late September, Steve Rothery's album, The Ghosts of Pripyat, was my soundtrack for this sunny, calm and restful late-October morning. Some beautiful yet haunting guitar compositions, wonderfully executed.

Steve Rothery always appears so serene to me, on stage. He's making wonderful music, and he appears totally at peace with the world. That's what comes across to me in The Ghosts of Pripyat, too.

Steve Rothery, guitar, with Marillion performing Brave, UK Marillion weekend, 2013
Steve Rothery, Wolverhampton UK, 2013
The album was funded, almost overnight, by fans and followers through a Kickstart campaign. With guest perfomances by Steve Hackett on a couple of tracks, and Steven Wilson on The Old Man of The Sea--three wonderful guitarists, one piece of music--it's something for every guitar lover's collection. But not only guitar fans... just take a listen. It's for you, too.

The Steve Rothery band is currently on tour in Europe; see the Steve Rothery web site tour page for details.

More photos of Mr Rothery in the Toon's Tunes Marillion photo gallery.

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