Friday, October 3, 2014

Festivals, festivals, festivals! Music and more this weekend in Sacramento!

Busy weekend, full of music, ahead!

TBDfest begins today! In West Sacramento, it's a three-day festival of music, food, art, and more. Headiners include Moby and Blondie, but there's a huge, seriously huge, lineup of bands, four stages, going on all weekend. See the schedule here on the TBD website.

And watch out for the Pit--not a mosh pit, but a competition of local chefs! This should be yummy!

Then there's also V103 Rockfest, a showcase of young, local talent: it's happening tomorrow, Saturday, at the Rio Ramaza marina on Garden Highway!

See you this weekend!! 

And not to forget... it's also Orangevale's Country Music festival too!  

Sigh... is it only the photographers who want to be in multiple places at once? Or do you too find the decision of where to be tomorrow difficult? I know where I will be, but it's a shame that all three events are on the same day. Just saying.

Also this weekend, SacWorldFest, which this year takes place at Sac State university (and I'm torn... I really do want to be there, too... maybe there's a way... watch this space!!!)  And Sacramento Aloha Fest too!!!

What a weekend for music and art in Sacramento.  I wonder if next year, all the organizers can get together and maybe spread the love a little further through the month?

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