Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's all about the people: TBD Fest, West Sacramento, 2014

Enjoying the music at night, TBD Fest 2014
TBD Fest 2014, West Sacramento, CA
Truly: it's all about the people: the TBD Fest organizers who set this whole thing up and worked 24 hours a day for the weekend; the musicians who entertained us, the teams who provided security; the people who fed us and who picked up the rubbish and who sold us bandannas and works of art and beer and water and whatever else we wanted.

A face in the crowd, TBD Fest 2014
TBD Fest 2014, West Sacramento, CA
It's always about the people.

The Cube, at dusk, TBD Fest
Dusk, TBD Fest 2014, West Sacramento, CA
We had fun. We had loads of fun. We heard excellent music; some we knew well, some new and exciting, some different and out of our usual listening sphere. We ate well, we drank loads and loads and loads of water, we went home and washed a ton of dust out of our hair and from between our toes, and then we went back and did it again. Brilliant weekend!

Crowd watching Keys N Krates at TBD Fest, Sacramento
Crowd watching Keys N Krates, TBD Fest 2014
See you next year, TBD Fest! Thank you!

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