Tuesday, October 7, 2014

All those photographers... what happens to all those images and videos?

Cameras and cell phones pointed at the band
Cameras and cell phones pointed at the band, Empire of the Sun, TBD Fest 2014
This is just a small snippet from a larger photo from Empire of the Sun's show on Saturday night at TBD Fest in Sacramento: I'd found a perch, above the level of the pit, just below the stage. Luke Steele had walked forwards onto the small area of stage that projected out towards the audience, and I was trying to grab a shot that included him, the stage, and the audience.

Only this evening, when editing the photos, did I realise that each and every member of the audience was pointing their cell phones at him...

The pit was crowded too. I wonder where all those images and videos will go?

Toon's Tunes photo gallery for Empire of the Sun is online now!

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