Monday, June 30, 2014

All the bands, all the music, all day long at SacTown Rocks! Photos here!

It was a full day of music; Sacramento's music scene, new and more mature, were well represented at SacTown Rocks. And there were sightings of other local bands, out to support everyone else, not playing at this festival this year, but next year maybe? We've certainly got enough of a Sacramento music heritage, a live music scene today, and up-and-coming youngsters to make this an annual event. Want to see more pictures? Click on the links or on the images themselves.

Tesla, SacTown Rocks, June 2014
Headliners were Tesla: rockers who have been together, except for a short "hiatus", since 1982, and who have a new album out now, "Simplicity".. Can't believe it's the first time I've seen them live, but I did grow up in another country.  More photos: 

Tesla, SacTown Rocks, June 2014
Tesla fans had been waiting for them all day. Lots of lyric t-shirts on view; crowds waiting at the stage for these local heroes.

Tesla, SacTown Rocks, June 2014
Earlier in the day, the festival had been opened by Alex Vincent (of Alex Vincent Band), who shredded the national anthem superbly. More photos: 

Alex Vincent playing Star Spangled Banner, SacTownRocks 2014
Alex Vincent
Then it was RiotMaker's turn and they launched the day from the "Local Licks" stage. Photos: 

Riotmaker, SacTown Rocks, June 2014
Back to the main stage for Hero's Last Mission. They have such a happy drummer! Photos: 

Hero's Last Mission, SacTown Rocks, June 2014
Hero's Last Mission
White Minorities (who also had a sign-language interpreter, rocked it!): photos, 

White Minorities, SacTown Rocks, June 2014
White Minorities
Soul Motor, with several well-known local musicians among the lineup: more photos see 

SoulMotor, SacTown Rocks, June 2014
Some Fear None, whose bass player was I think the only woman musician on stage at SacTown Rocks. More photos: 

SACRAMENTO, 28 June 2014: Some Fear None playing on the Local Licks stage at SacTown Rocks, a Sacramento music festival held on Capitol Mall, Sacramento, 28th June 2014
Some Fear None
Oleander, who I saw for the first time since Aftershock 2012. Wait... is that the very same T-shirt?  More photos (including those from Aftershock 2013) here:

Oleander, SacTown Rocks, June 2014
Element Of Soul, with a crowd of dancing fans, some very very young: photos, 

Element of Soul, SacTown Rocks, June 2014
Element of Soul
Middle Class Rut, making an incredible amount of music for a two-man band. Photos: 

Middle Class Rut, SacTown Rocks, June 2014
Middle Class rut
And a band who always put on a great show, another that I first saw at Aftershock 2012:  FallRise: apart from Tesla, who are veterans, FallRise were my favourites of the day. More photos, including those from Aftershock 2012, here: 

FallRise, SacTown Rocks, June 2014
Very entertaining day out. Let's make it happen again, next year!

Much thanks to Soundz of Norcal!  And to 98Rock and Pat Martin for making this happen.

For the people pictures,  click here for the review

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