Saturday, June 28, 2014

Today Sac town rocks... literally, SacTown Rocks!

Capitol Mall, 3pm to 10pm today, Budweiser and 98 Rock present SacTown Rocks: an open-air festival in the middle of Sacramento, on Capitol Mall, featuring many of Sacramento's own rock stars.

Lineup includes Oleander, FallRise, and Tesla! (I am looking forwards to seeing Tesla. They are another of the bands that having grown up in Europe, I'm not so familiar with... today is going to change that!)

Are you going to help make today the biggest party downtown Sacramento has ever seen? I'll be there and so will Soundz of NorCal!

ALISON TOON: FallRise &emdash; FallRise live 2012
FallRise at Aftershock 2012

ALISON TOON: Oleander &emdash; Oleandar band live 2012
Oleander at Aftershock 2012

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