Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bands help fund music scholarships for kids with help from Soundz of NorCal: Clockwork Hero, The Three Way, Pushing The Son and Skin of Saints

I was lucky enough to grow up in a place, and at a time, when music, art and theatre/drama were part of fundamental education. That, and being taught to read at a very early age, provided me with the tools to be "me", no matter what. Today, this education in the arts and early appreciation and understanding of music is to a great extent ignored within the school curriculum--at least here in the USA. Parents must choose, instead, to provide this learning outside of school. And to pay for it. And to support and nurture the idea of a child exploring music in the first place.

ALISON TOON: The Three Way &emdash; The Three Way live March 2014
The Three Way
That's the main reason behind last night's fundraiser organized by Soundz of NorCal at Sacramento's Starlite Lounge: raising money for 10 musical scholarships through the Gold Lion Arts music instruction scholarship fund. The scholarships will pay tuition for ten children for one year. Nice work!

The other purpose of the show: to have fun, and to showcase some local music.

ALISON TOON: Pushing The Sun &emdash; Pushing The Sun live 2014
Pushing The Sun
The venue was by nature, dark: it's a large room, upstairs in a Sacramento mid-town bar. The stage was lit, but even so, I was under-exposing shots at 1.1:8, 1/80 and 3200 ISO. And then the first band had the brilliant idea of switching off the stage lights and relying on three LEDs... so what you see is what you get, apart from the fact that while the human eye can gradually adjust to very, very low light, the camera lens doesn't. (Happily the next two bands kept the stage lights on: I was not able to stay to see Skin of Saints, will have to catch them another time.)

ALISON TOON: Clockwork Hero &emdash; Clockwork Hero live 2014
Clockwork Hero
I really, really enjoyed The Three Way. They have a CD launch party coming up soon and I'm looking forward to that. Their music is bluesy-rock'n'roll with a snip of Tom Waits thrown in along the way. Powerful and fun and real music from real musicians. And I always love slide guitar.

ALISON TOON: The Three Way &emdash; The Three Way live March 2014
The Three Way
Lineup and Toon's Tunes photo galleries:

Clockwork Hero, from Stockton:
The Three Way, from Sacramento:
Pushing The Sun, from Concord:
Skin of Saints, from Sacramento.

Huge thank you to the organizers for setting this up, and to the bands for providing a fun and entertaining evening, and helping to raise money for this worthy cause.

ALISON TOON: The Three Way &emdash; The Three Way live March 2014
The Three Way

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