Monday, March 24, 2014

Talk Turkey, but don't tweet it. Please. OK if you really must...

This week, I'm in Istanbul, Turkey, for a work conference--GALA 

Twitter, as you may have read on the international news, is currently blocked by the Turkish government. You just can't tweet or receive tweets: it's simply not working... or the tweets are flying off into the internet black hole. And rumour has it that there may be no internet service at all tomorrow, for most of the working day. 

What is this doing? It's creating a nation of internet and network geniuses. Outside Turkey, see what's reaching you.

That apart, tonight I saw an amazing show... the men dancing were great, but Asena, Turkish belly-dancer and tabloid favourite, was just incredible. I had no idea we were going to see her... wish I'd taken a decent camera and not just cell phone!

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