Monday, October 7, 2013

Judith Hill ... shining bright at Sacramento's Sleep Train Arena, In The Round

Judith Hill opened "In The Round" last night at Sacramento's Sleep Train Arena, as support for Josh Groban.

ALISON TOON: Judith Hill &emdash; JudithHill-Sac6Oct2013-1425

You may have heard of Judith from her participation in fourth season of "The Voice" talent show. You may have known that she was one of Michael Jackson's backup singers at the end of his life, and is credited on "This Is IT", and sang at his memorial service. You may have known that she was one of the singers, "Twenty Feet from Stardom", in the recent movie about backup singers and session musicians.

You may not have known that she is a star. In her own right.

ALISON TOON: Judith Hill &emdash; JudithHill-Sac6Oct2013-1504

I heard and saw this, last night. Judith Hill is a star. Right here, right now.

From the first two songs: Judith playing piano and singing, to the songs with a full band, Judith kept the audience entranced.

For an example, see Desperation, Judith's song from 20 Feet From Stardom.

ALISON TOON: Judith Hill &emdash; JudithHill-Sac6Oct2013-1462

The set seemed short... could have gone a couple of songs longer, I was thinking, no problem. But we were in for a treat: later in the evening, Judith Hill returned to the stage for two separate duets with Josh Groban: Remember When It Rained, and Prayer.

ALISON TOON: Judith Hill &emdash; JudithHill-Sac6Oct2013-1480

At one point, on the opposite side of the stage to Josh Groban, Judith was silhouetted in smoke and a spotlight beam. I thought she looked like Queen Nefertiti, Lady of Grace.

Expect to hear more from her.

For more photos from the show, go to the gallery: 

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