Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Delta, the tunnels, and river rorschach

ALISON TOON: Sacramento Delta region &emdash; SacDelta29Oct2013-5326

Yesterday, my daughter Jade and I went for a drive around the Sacramento delta region. Visited hideaway towns and villages, saw the calm rivers and canals, gazed at vineyards turning autumnal-orange-and-gold, ate brunch in a yummy breakfast-and-lunch Isleton diner; wandered up-and-down the Chinese heritage street of Locke and wondered at the leaning buildings. Enjoyed the bird-singing restful quiet of a day outside of suburbia.

ALISON TOON: Sacramento Delta region &emdash; SacDelta29Oct2013-5338

But everywhere we went, we saw posters. Stop the Tunnels!

ALISON TOON: Sacramento Delta region &emdash; SacDelta29Oct2013-5342

It seems that our Governor/state government is determined to go ahead with diverting river-water upstream, before it arrives in the beautiful, natural delta, and tunnelling it away south to Los Angeles and southern California's farms.

ALISON TOON: Sacramento Delta region &emdash; SacDelta29Oct2013-5358
The Levee Cafe in Isleton
But what of the delta, the fish and the farms and the holidaymakers and the people who live there now???

The tunnels will make a physical mess, an ecological nightmare, and no sense whatsoever.

ALISON TOON: Sacramento Delta region &emdash; SacDelta29Oct2013-5384

If you want to find out more about the Tunnel project, go here to the Friends of the River website, or see news articles from local agencies, including this recent one from the Sacramento Bee.  There is a lot of controversy about the plan--worth doing some research and reading.

You might want to visit the delta soon. See more photos from our day out at, or by clicking on any of the photos above.

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