Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Aftershock review: Testament

After catching up on Sons of Anarchy, I realised I hadn't posted the Testament pics from Aftershock yet. It's the Oakland rocker on Chuck Billy's cut that reminded me.Or vice-versa.

ALISON TOON: Testament &emdash; Testament-Aftershock2013-444

ALISON TOON: Testament &emdash; Testament-Aftershock2013-424

Testament: thrash metal from the Bay Area. Very metal, very heavy, and still going very strong.

ALISON TOON: Testament &emdash; Testament-Aftershock2013-1590

Their new album, "Dark Roots of Earth", is on sale now.  And they are on tour through the USA until the end of November.

ALISON TOON: Testament &emdash; Testament-Aftershock2013-461
Nice artwork on the website, CD packaging, and T-shirts.

To see all the photos from Testament's show at the Aftershock festival, click on one of the photos above, or go to the Testament gallery.

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