Sunday, April 29, 2018

Swan Lake, Vienna Festival Ballet, Cromer

Vienna Festival Ballet, Cromer
Last night, I saw a beautiful production of the ballet, Swan Lake, here in Cromer at the Pavilion Theatre on Cromer Pier. Performed by Vienna Festival Ballet, with everything just right for the setting; fog on the lake, dancers at the ball, romance, friends, a jester, the bad, bad guy; the evil twin, the beautiful swans, the deception and the heartbreak.

Beautiful dancing, and so cool to see how a major performance can happen in quite a compact venue. Not only that: when you realise that this ballet company, with all the sets, gorgeous costumes, dancers and backstage crew pack up and move on to another, distant venue overnight, it's difficult not to be stunned. It's not just rock bands who live on the road.

(I particularly loved Ashley Selfe's jester. He wasn't simply dancing the part... he was a character, the entire show.)

Last night, there were people of all ages in the audience. Last year, I really, really wanted to take a certain little lady to see Sacramento Ballet's annual Nutcracker at Christmas, back in California... but what felt like sky-high pricing put it way out of reach, especially as I wasn't yet sure how a three-and-a-half-year-old would react. She most likely would have been mesmerised, like the children in the audience last night; or she might have needed to leave after a few minutes, but without an accessible ticket price, we didn't find out. Last night's show opened up professional ballet to everyone, and Vienna Festival Ballet do the same year-round.

Take your kids to the ballet, and to modern dance. Let them hear opera; let them experience classical music, heavy metal, folk, rock, everything. It's how they learn who they are. You never know, one of them may be the next Nureyev or Fonteyn.

Vienna Festival Ballet are constantly touring and performing a variety of ballets: check out their website for all the tour dates... and don't miss!

(Now I need to find a ballet to photograph... let me know if you have one!)

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