Monday, April 18, 2016

Enter Shikari, at the Ace of Spades, Sacramento

Enter Shikari
Enter Shikari, Ace of Spades, Sacramento
After the support bands had gone, the stage was cleared for Enter Shikari, returning to the Ace of Spades, early on in their major 2016 North American tour. "Over here" from their British homeland, the band's tour includes both coasts of the USA and several dates in Canada, plus festivals including Carolina Rebellion, Welcome to Rockville, Northern Invasion and Rock On The Range.

Enter Shikari
Enter Shikari, Ace of Spades, Sacramento
Touring in support of their recent album release, The Mindsweep, released last year and winner of the AIM (Association of Independant Music) award for album of the year. Much-loved by (British music/pop magazine) Kerrang! and their awards, the album is everything Enter Shikari is known for: resolutely non-genre, un-label-able, ever-changing, and yet the perfect blend of metal, hardcore, alternative, hard rock, true punk (British punk with political statements) and electro.

Rou Reynolds, vocals, Enter Shikari
Rou Reynolds,  Enter Shikari

The stage setting; minimal. No props, few mic stands, one or two pedals. Cables snaking across the floor. The lighting; less than minimal: a couple of banks of strobes, reflecting on the floorboards of the stage; a searchlight or two, and that's it. We can't see the bands' faces, but it doesn't matter. The stage is an explosion of energy, the music's good, and the crowd are there to listen and to sing along to all the songs. Everyone's happy.

Rory Clewlow, lead guitar, Enter Shikari
Rory Clewlow, Enter Shikari
With songs ranging from 2007 (Sorry You're Not A Winner, from the band's first album, Take To The Skies), right through to tracks from The Mindsweep, the show covers the breadth and depth of Enter Shikari's career.

Take a listen to The Mindsweep, Enter Shikari's fourth studio album. It's well worth adding to your music collection. Contrast the high-core-energy of Anaesthetist with the beautiful, sparse Dear Future Historians... and you'll see why this team of guys from Hertfordshire, England, cannot and will not be pigeonholed into any musical genre/meaningless label.

Catch the tour: all the dates are here!

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