Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Crazy Dave's Music Experience: Corey Taylor of Slipknot, making fans happy at #Aftershock!

Corey Taylor signing
Line at Crazy Dave's, waiting for Corey of Slipknot
Sitting here tonight, looking out of the window at the dark street, headlamps of cars passing as workers head home for the evening, knowing that it's winter and about the furthest point from any outdoor-and-summer-hot music festivals, I'm thinking about some of the great stuff that goes on, away from the stages, at many of the rock festivals around the USA.

In particular, I'm thinking about Crazy Dave's Music Experience, and what they bring to the people of Aftershock and to many other festivals around the country. (If you want to know the full Crazy Dave's story, click here.)

Crazy Dave's is a place where you can go to try out all sorts of musical instruments, from guitars to drum kits to everything in-between. You can see, hear, and try-out all the technology and equipment needed by rock stars--both established, and future-rock-star-in-the-making. And not only is Crazy Dave's an equipment tent--it's also the place to go for the opportunity of meeting one of your musical heros.

Corey Taylor signing
Corey Taylor of Slipnot, signing, Crazy Dave's, Aftershock 2015
This year, at Aftershock festival in Elverta, near Sacramento, there were meet-and-greets with one or more members of Slipknot, Breaking Benjamin, Snot, Shinedown, All That Remains, P.O.D., Suicidal Tendancies, Black Veil Brides, September Mourning, Deftones, Dance Gavin Dance and Sevendust. There was pizza, and there was a shredding contest. And in collaboration with organizations like FXCK CANCER, Crazy Dave's made some dreams come true (click this link for one example).

Corey Taylor signing
Corey Taylor and happy fans, Crazy Dave's Music Experience, Aftershock, 2015
I was very happy to be asked to help document one of the artist signings: Corey Taylor of Slipknot made so many people so very, very happy! There's a full photo gallery here--just click--with lots of smiling faces! Corey Taylor is a signing machine... he signed shirts, he signed arms and chests and legs and other body parts; he signed photos and albums and hats and just-about everything that his fans presented, and he didn't stop until the very, very long line of people had all had the chance to say hello. (And then he zipped off to do some wrestling, and then to perform in the phenomenal stage experience that is Slipknot, and then zoomed off to Southern California and Knotfest, another Corey project, the very next day. And that's only part of what Corey Taylor has going on. Don't forget Stone Sour, too!) If you find yourself in one of the photos in the Corey Taylor signing photo gallery, there's a "share" button under the photo--feel free to use it! Click here to see the full gallery! (Or click on one of the pictures in this post.)

Corey Taylor signing
Fans at Corey Taylor's signing session at Crazy Dave's, Aftershock, 2015
As music festivals begin announcing their dates and lineups for 2016, and you buy your tickets and plan your time, don't forget to make a space in your weekends to visit Crazy Dave's Music Experience. You may play something, see or hear something, or meet someone... and it just might change your life. For the better.

Talking about next year's festivals,... check out Fort Rock and Rockville today! Lineups are already announced, early-bird tickets are on sale today. Time to book a trip to Florida?

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