Friday, August 22, 2014

Aftershock preview: Chevelle, volume, loudness, and hearing the music this time

ALISON TOON: Chevelle &emdash; Chevelle live 2012
Chevelle, Aftershock 2012
Last time I saw them--at Aftershock 2013--I remember their show being good but incredibly, incredibly loud. I.e., it's a rock concert, it's a metal festival, it's supposed to be loud, but Chevelle were more than that. There's a point at which it's too loud to hear. So this year, I hope to hear the music more than the volume. Because their music is well worth hearing, and their stage show is imbued with high energy.

Take a listen to this year's release, La Gargola, especially "Take Out The Gunman", "One Ocean", and "Twinge".

Looking forwards to seeing and hearing them in... oh not very long now!

More about this year's Aftershock festival:
A few more photos from Chevelle's set at Aftershock 2013:

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