Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jack Russell's Great White in Sacramento: the supporting bands

I almost didn't stay for Jack Russell's Great White show last night. <--Click that link for the show.

If I had not promised to cover Jack Russell's show here, on Toon's Tunes, with photos, I would have left--run, even--during the first support act. I'd have left during the second support act... and even if I'd made it that far, I would have left during the third support act. I could have been at home in the warm, watching Brave Live or some BBC crime series on TV and drinking a mug of hot chocolate.

It was seriously the worst set of supporting bands I've seen in a very long time, and I was really happy I'd remembered my earplugs and the way to the restroom to hide.

Sigh. I don't like writing that; I prefer to be English and to say "sorry" and to be indirect with criticism that might be misconstrued as positive feedback. This is emphatically not positive, but I'll try to make it direct.

Let's try again.

First band: the young woman guitar player had the right idea; some Yngwie-like riffs on a seven-string, and a calm but confident stage presence. The bass player, however, made me want to quickly scribble and hold up big signs saying, "Find out how to play the darn instrument, before you play-out the Rock Star", or, "Rip your shirt off AFTER you've been to the gym, not before. Please.", or "Friends don't let their bass player leave them stranded on stage". Please...  go back to the garage. Stay there. Please.

Second band were more mature, more fun, and obviously had long-time fans in the small crowd. OK maybe I wouldn't have left during their act. My opinion had just been tainted by what had come before. They played decent old-school rock. A bit like you used to find in Working Mens' Clubs in the UK on a Saturday night.

Third band: strong vocals and a bass player who knew how to play the stage and the audience. But overall, they just didn't do much for me, at all. I couldn't find the melody. I'm not sure that the band did, either, at least not all the way through the set.

Sigh... I wasn't even interested enough to work out which-band-of-the-three-was-which. And as none of them except the second band clearly introduced themselves, and not one labeled their drum kits like most bands do, I guess it really wasn't that important to them, either.

Sorry. (British sorry.) My fault. I'll do better next time. Sorry...

(I will put photos of these bands up on once I work out who is what and which is which. Might not be today or this week.)

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