Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Another support act at the Marillion Weekend in Wolverhampton was Aziz: two-piece band comprising Aziz Ibrahim (formerly of Stone Roses), and Dalbir Singh Rattan, tabla maestro!  

Aziz, Wolverhampton, 2013

East meets west...  electric guitar, shredded and sliced,  tabla walking you home in India, or is it somewhere in England's Midlands? Beautiful blend of eastern and western fhythms, melodies and styles. Long songs reminiscent of jazz impros, but with very different sounds. Quite beautiful.

Aziz, Wolverhampton, 2013

Aziz' first album is called "Rusholme Rock", and is available on IndusRecords.com.  Listen to a (very short) example: "I Fought the Law" here on IndusRecords  This really isn't representative of the songs that Aziz played when I heard them: those were (much) longer and far less commercial. (I prefer the live, guitar-solo sound.)

Aziz, Wolverhampton, 2013

And the sound of Aziz takes me to another place... if you like Aziz, you also seriously must/do need to hear Richard Piekoff, genius slide guitarist, blender of Eastern and Western sounds, wonderful musician, great guitar teacher too. Try Monsoon Season  in particular. Or listen here to "Ram Narayan" and more:    

Now wouldn't it be interesting to hear Aziz, Dalbir and Richard P., all together? 

More photos from Aziz' set at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall: http://www.alisontoon.com/-/galleries/music/aziz

Hi-res editoral photos:  http://alisontoon.com 

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