Tuesday, May 7, 2013


One of the opening acts for the Marillion weekend were Touchstone, who opened the show on the Sunday evening of the weekend. I had not heard them before--but I will hear them again. Definitely.

Touchstone list their influences on their Facebook page, ranging from Rammstein and Van Halen to Elton John and Yes and Pink Floyd, and there's a definite "Prog" edge to the music, but how do you define "Prog" anyway, it's just-another label that doesn't mean a thing. Prog: what does it mean, other than it's more thoughtful than pop, more composed than punk, less harsh than metal, more enduring than bubblegum? Each band is (or should be) unique: no matter the label, you have to hear them to know if you like, or love, them.

Touchstone's music is new. It's refreshing, yet mindful of past treasures. I enjoyed their set, very much. Kim ("Elkie") Seviour has a lovely presence; the band is together, connected, tight. Give them a listen. You can sample their music on their website http://www.touchstonemusic.co.uk/  : the player is in the page header.

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