Saturday, February 16, 2013

Almost-nearly-spring, it is!

Almond trees along the street are budding, ready to burst into clouds of soft white. There are sticky buds on the hydrangeas, and daffodil buds, and pointy tulip leaves nosing their way up. One hellebore already has a nodding, dusky-pink flower. The little peach tree and twig-like pear tree both have infant flower buds, and the earth is moist, workable.

Today I moved some of last-year's garden compost, sweet and friable, to the vegetable garden, and planted more broad (fava) beans for a second crop, and some baby romaine/cos lettuce, hoping that the turkeys won't want salad (that may be a forlorn hope; I've put lots of sticks around them to prod Mr Lurkey in the chest if he tries to eat them... we'll see).

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