Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jamaica, via Jamaica?

Graffiti on rolling shutter
Graffiti on shutter, New York
Weekend stop-over in New York, before Jade and I hop onboard a flight to Montego Bay, tomorrow. Did you know that there's a Jamaica in New York? Imfamously-cold Long Island Railroad station.. en route to JFK airport. As I was brought by taxi-cab to Jade, we drove along Jamaica Avenue. Really!

When I see those signs, I can't quite believe that we are heading for the real Jamaica. But yes, we are!!

Yesterday, still fighting a cold, (it had better be gone within the next 24 hours!) I wandered around the Lower East Side. It was the colours and textures, rather than the touristy-scenes-and-famous-landmarks of the city that attracted my attention.

Peeling paint and graffiti. Bricks and stone. Boards and hoarding. Painted metal shutters and cobbled streets.

More colour and texture photos here:

And then Sunday; a walk up 6th Avenue, Bryant Park, reflections in the windows, a blue sky with scudding clouds.

More midtown photos here:

A cold, chill breeze is rising. Snow flurries are forecast for tomorrow. We will be flying away from all that.

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