Friday, July 20, 2012

Photo archives... and more to come

Since Jade introduced me to Flickr Pro, and since I (at long last) invested in a personal copy of LightRoom, and also a negative scanner, I've been huddled away buried in boxes of old photos and negatives. You know, that stuff called film that we used to take pictures with? When you had to think about every shot, because development costs could break the bank? (There have been times when I spent more on photo dev and printing than on the travel itself...)

Believe me, there are a lot of boxes.

The negative scanner failed after just a few hours of use, so I have to return it. Another one, a different make, is on its way.

And then I started indexing and tagging just one set of digital pictures from Beijing... 2008, just before the last Olympics. And that's just the beginning...

I may be gone for some time.  You can see the photos, as and when I upload them, here:

or here:

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