Sunday, July 1, 2012

Marillion, and that grin on my face

It's fixed. It's there forever.

That stupid grin that's been on my face since Friday evening.

Friday, June 29th at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco.



:-)  <--  there it is again. The grin. See?

Awesome, awesome, AWESOME show. And in this context, one AWESOME is never enough. So again: AWESOME!

Waited a long time for this... and many years ago, I made a promise that--should Marillion come to the USA--I'd take the whole family. So there we were: Dylan and Karli and I from up-in-Sacramento, and Jade from over-in-Brooklyn, all there.

If you've spend any time at all around me, you've already heard Marillion. So even if the name sounds unfamiliar--and in the USA, it might, though this tour may have changed that--you may know them already.

Like a song you remember from before you were born.
Like a beat of your heart.
Like everything you have ever lived and loved through.

Marillion: thank you for visiting. And thank you for taking the time to say hello. :-) 

:-)   <--  there it is again. The grin. See?

If you have never experienced a Marillion show, either in person or through a video (you can obtain DVDs etc. from it's... just... AWESOME.

OK. Evidently I cannot be more expressive or sane or coherent or informative right now other than saying AWESOME and grinning insanely. ("I am totally sane!!!). Going with Jade and Karli to Davis to watch football (the kind you play with your feet) at Karli's pub (de Veres). Maybe sanity will return later? I promise a more informative and sensible and less-emotional post later.

Well maybe ;-) 

You'll have to get rid of the grin, first, and that's not going to happen in this lifetime.

:-) <-- there it is again. The grin. See?

(Jade and I were given photo passes! Been a long time since I did music photography... not since Grenoble and maybe the late Calvin Russell? But heck, I still love it. Helps when you love the band, too.)

My photos: Marillion at the Fillmore, San Francisco, June 29th 2012
Jade's blog post and her photos:  From the Inside: Marillion
Marillion:  Official website   Facebook page

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