Monday, February 13, 2012

This weekend in the garden

Buds on the young peach tree, and on the lilac I planted a few weeks ago. Forsythia (planted last weekend) bursting into flower, and the four cuttings I took from it and stuck in the earth all seem to be surviving. There's a new green in the grass, and the bare oaks seem to be somehow greener; that sounds silly, but it's as if you can see them preparing to leaf right before they bud.

Daffodil leaves are a couple of inches high. Tulip noses poking out of the pots, at least those that haven't been dug up by squirrels. At least, I think it's squirrels. I don't think it's the turkeys. They are too busy scratting up the peas, despite the chicken wire protection.

Rasberry canes are sprouting; most of the new bare-root roses have baby leaves.

I have a hellebore in flower, under the trees. Shy and pink.

Sunday, I dug and planted the beds for asparagus, strawberries, and the seed potatoes that had longer sprouts; more potatoes to be planted later. Including some that are blue.

I wonder what the turkeys, squirrels and coyotes will do with all that? I might need to cage off the entire back yard.

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