Friday, February 24, 2012

I love spring...

... because it reminds me where I planted things last year, as emerging bulbs poke their way out through the soil to the sunlight. And spring in California doesn't wait for the official day--it's here, and now.

Some things that are emerging are making me scratch my head. I know I planted a lot of orange tulips... somewhere. I thought they were in the garden, not in a pot, but they could have been in either or both places. But this? What is it? A giant crocus in an unusual colour... or a tulip without a stalk???

1 comment:

  1. So I bought several bags of these orange flame tulips, and when the first one emerged, stalk-less, I thought it was a unique mutant. Then the others in the same pot grew, like no-neck muscle-men, all the same, and I thought maybe the part-reused potting soil had messed them up. And then others came up in the garden and in another pot, and I realised that they are what they are... stalkless, flamelike tulips!