Thursday, February 9, 2012

Israel part five: the Dead Sea

Judith and I took the bus from the Moshav to the Dead Sea, where I picked up my rental car. We had to laugh when it was brought out by the Hertz lady... it was TINY. At least, in comparison to what I'm now used to in the USA. It wasn't quite as small as a Smart car, and somehow they'd managed to fit four doors on it, but it was still tiny. A Hyundai Getz. I was worried that it wouldn't get up the bigh hill to Dimona, but it did, very well... and by the end of a week of driving it, I wanted to bring it home with me.

Here's the day trip to the Dead Sea: I had dust in my camera, which stayed there until I could take it to the camera shop here.

Day at the Dead Sea

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  1. You didn't go in?! That's the most fun part!
    I also thought Lot's wife was one big lady haha!