Saturday, February 18, 2012

Don't check my bank account

Every day when I go to the mailbox, there is another plant or bulb or seed catalog. And I read each and every one... especially when they also send me "half-off your order!" emails and tantalising photos of plants that I can't buy at Home Depot or the local nurseries (unless, of course, I'm prepared to spend $37 on on that absolutely-adorable helleborus at Capital Nursery which really isn't going to happen... you have to draw a line somewhere).

Today it was "Royal Dutch Gardens", the other day it was Brecks and before that, Spring Hill....

I dare you. Go online and browse their catalogues.

Given the financial state of our local nurseries--very sad--I think I'll be doing most of my garden shopping online in the near future. If I don't already. Just how many of those "grab bags"--boxes of green treasure--did I order last year?

Can't wait for spring to see what comes up. No I didn't write it all down or map everything I planted. I was too tired after the digging.

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