Saturday, September 1, 2018

Nothing More... new album??? But this is a lot less than Nothing. More inside!

Nothing More
Nothing More, Aftershock 2017
I woke up this morning, picked up the phone and started drifting through Facebook, looking for something interesting on a Saturday morning. What???? Nothing More released a new album??? How the heck did I miss that? (Muttering about not being easily able to find Sirius Octane radio... muttering at self for not being totally on-the-ball...) Jumped out of bed, straight to the PC (I search better with a real keyboard)... and nothing. Nothing on Nothing More's website, nothing on iTunes, nothing on Amazon.

Did I dream it? Was I really still asleep when I thought I was looking at the phone? (I have dreamed stranger things. I once dreamed about someone's height, and had to go Google it to find out that it was a figment of my imagination.)

Jonny Hawkins, vocals and drums, Nothing More
Jonny Hawkins, Nothing More, Louder Than Life 2017
Went back to Facebook, and sure enough, as usual... the stoopid algorithm had magicked away whatever I thought I had seen... or hadn't.

Dismissed it as wishful-thinking (that's better than senility or hallucinations, anyway). Carried on with the day. Pretended I wasn't going mad...

Ten hours later, my daughter pings me: "Nothing More have a new album????" She saw it too. It's wasn't a dream or too-little-sleep. It was a real announcement.

But wait...

We tracked it down. There is a band in France, also called Nothing More, who have been around for a few years, but who are nothing, and I mean nothing, like the Nothing More who were nominated for two Grammys last year.. Click here to find out about them and to sample their music. I'll let you come to your own opinion. The French Nothing More have, indeed, just  released an album, called Game of Truth, and from the rather negative comments now appearing on the "teaser" for the album on YouTube, it looks like they have also managed to have the music mixed into the USA Nothing More's Spotify channel.

If you want to see the French band's album teaser, it's here. and you can buy their album, Game of Truth, for ten Euros here. I guess they are getting more listens, if nothing else...

Jonny Hawkins, vocals and additional drums, Nothing More
Grammy-nominated Nothing More
I'm off for a walk with the Nothing More that I know and love. iPod and beach and Jonny Hawkins.

(The USA-based and worldwide stars Nothing More are on tour in the USA, dates with Five Finger Death Punch, Breaking Benjamin and Bad Wolves, and then have several dates over here in Europe. Find all the dates here on their website. And I am sure that at some point in the not so very distant future, there will be a new Nothing More album. It's just not called a Game of Truth. Or maybe it will be... now that would confuse me even more!)

For many, many more photos of Nothing More, see the Alison Toon Photographer Nothing More photo galleries!

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  1. Lol I remember that. Got us all excited for nothing. But at least now we’re close to getting a new album 🤣