Sunday, September 23, 2018

Louder Than Life preview... why you should be there early!

Everyone always turns up at festivals in time to see the headliners. There's no doubt that you'll be in time to see the big names at Louder Than Life: Friday's Slash, Breaking Benjamin, Limp Bizkit, Alice in Chains; Saturday's Pop Evil, Bush, Shinedown, Five Finger Death Punch, Godsmack, and Sunday's Billy Idol, Priums, Deftones, and Nine Inch Nails. But don't just focus on getting there for the headliners: there are amazing bands starting really early each day, throughout the three days of the weekend festival, worth shaking off the sleeping bag and grabbing coffee for.

Here are a few!

Stone Broken: hard rock from Walsall in the UK, opening the day on Saturday on the Zorn stage. You might want to check out their latest album, It Ain't Always Easy, before next weekend... including the song Heartbeat Away, which is hard to watch but has a very important message leading into October (Domestic Violence Awareness month) (Don't just 'be aware'... stop it happening). They rock and they will be finding new fans in the USA for certain. And they have the first of the day's female drummers, Robyn Haycock... later on Saturday you'll see Hayley Cramer with Pop Evil and that set too is going to be awesome. Is it a coincidence that both Ms Haycock and Ms Cramer are from the UK?

The Dose: indie-rock duo Indio Downey (vocals, guitar) and Ralph Alexander (drums) will be performing on the Zorn stage at 1.50 p.m. on Sunday. Below is their latest video, Saline... also check out their website for more info. Check them out!

From Ashes To New: We've covered this band for a long time, and it's wonderful to see them receiving so much more airplay--and the recognition they have worked so hard for. From Ashes To New will be on the Loudmouth stage at 3.10 pm on Saturday. Don't miss!!!

Red Sun Rising: If you haven't heard them yet, this video should be enough to get you to the barrier in front of the Loudmouth stage at 2.35 p.m. on Friday: (yes, this is a brilliant cover... also check out their other music on their official YouTube channel)

Anemic Royalty: Louisville, Kentucky's very own will be on stage on Sunday, at 12.50 pm on the Zorn stage. Check up on them before the festival here. Don't miss!

Blacktop Mojo: been waiting to see Blacktop Mojo live since early last year, when I first heard their music. Here's the review... they'll be on the Zorn stage, on Saturday, at 1.45 pm. Here's something to start your journey with them (and more music here on their official YouTube channel):

All times listed here are subject to change. For updates, see the Louder Than Life website, Facebook, or better still--install the app!

And please... stop doing the rain dance!

(I was writing this post when the news came in that the second day of Bourbon And Beyond, also held at Louisville's Champions Park on the bank of the huge Ohio River, has been cancelled due to weather concerns. While UK festival-goers are used to mud--we've all seen videos and photos of the mudbaths--extreme USA weather is not something to be jested with. The festival organizers, Danny Wimmer Presents, do everything to make sure that festival-goers, performers, workers and volunteers alike, are all safe. If you are looking for info on Bourbon And Beyond refunds, go here. Fingers crossed that the site dries up in time for next weekend.)

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