Friday, September 29, 2017

Aftershock set times!!! Set your watches! Set your alarms!

Afteshock 2017: Saturday
The set times and schedule for Aftershock have been announced: check here to see all the times.  Don't miss out by oversleeping -- it starts early and there are killer bands from beginning to end, both days!

Saturday kicks off at 11.40 with I Amvrka, with Nine Inch Nails closing the day.. then Sunday begins at 12.10 with Black Map and continues until Ozzy Osbourne, the final act of the weekend, on Sunday evening! (And early enough to get a good night's sleep before work on Monday morning... right?)

Aftershock 2017 Sunday
The layout of the festival has also been announced--it is very like last year, with quite a walk between stages if you haven't (yet) splashed out on the VIP treatment. There is a map here--useful to know where everything is beforehand. Hey... all that walking allows us to eat and enjoy more of the wonderful Aftershock food, right?

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