Wednesday, September 27, 2017

First photos: City of Trees, all the people, Blink 182, Dreamcar!

Faces in the crowd
Radio 94.7's City of Trees 2017, Sacramento's Papa Murphy Park
All photo galleries: many more phoros!

Sunday was a day of music and fun at  Papa Murphy's Park in Sacramento. Sponsored by Radio 94.7, Sacramento's alternative rock station, and Bud Light, City of Trees 2017 was headlined by Blink 182, with thousands of fans from very-very-young to older, spread out across the Sacramento Republic FC stadium and grounds within CalExpo: crowded onto the football (soccer) pitch, lounging on the bleachers, sitting in the shade or being sprayed with water by two happy young women who roamed the crowd all through the hot afternoon.

Blink 182
Blink 182, City of Trees 2017
The lineup included Blink 182, Iration, Bleachers playing their very first show in Sacramento, Bishop Briggs, supergroup Dreamcar, Sir Sly, New Politics and The Greeting Committee within the main stadium, on two stages, and local Sacramento bands The Moans, Write Or Die, Element of Soul, Our People, Petaluma and Rituals of Mine, plus six DJs, on stages on the grounds surrounding the football (soccer) field. Add lots of food, a river of drink, some really cool artwork with M5 Arts present, and we had a festival!

Tony Kanal, bass, Dreamcar
Tony Kanal, Dreamcar, City of Trees 2017
While many in the audience couldn't wait to see Blink 182, I was most of all anticipating a show earlier in the evening: Dreamcar. They didn't disappoint.

Dreamcar, City of Trees 2017
Dreamcar: Davy Havok working with No Doubt members and not a Gwen Stefani in sight: take the best of 80s New Age and pop music, put it into a blender, add the talents of each of the band members (Havok, Tony Kanal on bass, Tom Dumont on guitars, and Adrian Young on drums, plus some very cool backing singers) and you have a wonderful, upbeat, show. Look out for these guys! Their first album, also called Dreamcar, is out now.

Travis Barker, drums, Blink 182
Travis Barker, Blink 182, City of Trees 2017
Blink 182 and drummer Travis Barker steals the show. High on a podium above the stage, he deserves all the accolades he receives. If you don't know Mr Barker's story, read it here. He's an inspiration for anyone who has every suffered an injury or struggled... do read.

Mark Hopper, vocals, Blink 182
Mark Hopper, Blink 182, City of Trees 2017
I have to say that City of Trees 2017 wins the prize for the most people crowded into the pit for the first three songs. No elbow room for photographers, and I very much hope that we didn't obscure the view of the young people who had spent hours crowded against the barriers at the front of the audience! Take a look at the People of City of Trees 2017 photo gallery--you might see yourselves here. So many happy faces!

Here are the photo galleries so far:

- Blink 182
- Dreamcar
- People of City of Trees 2017

More photos from the other bands coming very soon--the links will be added here, or just go straight to  and bookmark the page.

Also check out Radio 94.7's big collection of photos, videos and inteviews here.

SACRAMENTO, 24 September 2017:  City of Trees, Sacramento, California.
Happy people. Thousands and thousands of them! City of Trees 2017
If you'd like to see what other events are planned at Cal Expo, click here for the schedule. The next concert and festival at the same site will be Pepe Aguilar on October 14th, and Punk In Drublic, a major punk and craft beer festival, on October 15th. Tickets are available now!

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