Monday, November 23, 2015

Blind Guardian, opening my eyes (and ears) to German metal; concert review and photos

Hansi Kürsch,, vocals, Blind Guardian
Hansi Kürsch, Blind Guardian, Sacramento
Stepping into the Ace of Spades on Friday evening, I had little clue what to expect from Blind Guardian or from the support, Grave Digger. After seeing the show was planned, I did a little YouTube listening, they seemed interesting, so there I was...  It was their first-ever visit to Sacramento, and there were many people in the audience who knew a lot more about the band than I did. I really hadn't listened to a huge amount prior to the show...

Blind Guardian
Blind Guardian, Sacramento
Oh but now I will. There's a huge back-catalog of music to hear now.

Blind Guardian
Blind Guardian, Sacramento
Imagine: Middle Earth, choirs, Tolkien, double-bass drum, heaven and hell, the Ring Cycle, Asgard, myth and legend, metal, soaring guitars, and a charismatic front-man... all on the small stage at the Ace at the start of the weekend, and all in the music. Yes, you should have been there; if you were not, you might hear it on an upcoming live album from Blind Guardian. Maybe.

Marcus Siepen, guitar, Blind Guardian
Marcus Siepen, Blind Guardian, Sacramento
Blind Guardian and Grave Digger have several more tour stops in the USA--see if they will be near you!

More photos in the Blind Guardian photo gallery:  <-- click on the link!

UPDATE: Grave Digger photos are online now too: see the Grave Digger photo gallery.  Great show from both of these bands!

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