Friday, May 16, 2014

Sacramento's first Colonial Music Festival: punk and rock, all weekend on Stockton Boulevard

The Colonial must have been a beautiful movie theatre in her day: nice big screen, tiered seating, murals decorating the walls. No movies showing there today; it was the start of the three-day Colonial Music Festival, with more than sixty bands playing. It's an all-ages event, food and drink are available, there's parking too.

The Devil's Train
The festival got off to a rousing start tonight, with Iconoclast Robot, The Devil's Train and Avenue Saints playing early in the evening.

Avenue Saints
All Sacramento's bigger-name punk and hardcore bands will be there. Tickets are available at the door and... it's very affordable! More information on the festival's Facebook page!

Iconoclast Robot
The Colonial Theater is at 3520 Stockton Boulevard, not far south of highway 50,.

The Devil's Train
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