Sunday, May 11, 2014

More from Saturday night... and Saturday night rocked!

The other bands that I saw last night as part of Wayne Static's tour:

St Cello's Fall, I really enjoyed, and am going to track down more of their music: more photos at

ALISON TOON: St Cello's Fall &emdash; St Cello's Fall, live, Sacramento May 2014
St Cello's Fall
Thira, interesting stage look: more photos at

ALISON TOON: Thira &emdash; Thira, live in Sacramento, 2014
Smile Empty Soul, three-piece, subtle: more photos at

ALISON TOON: Smile Empty Soul &emdash; Smile Empty Soul live Sacramento 2014
Smile Empty Soul
And the inimitable, unforgettable Dope. More photos:

ALISON TOON: Dope &emdash; Dope live in Sacramento, 2014
For more information about the Ace of Spades music venue, see

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