Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sail Rock, part of the Sunrise at Night concert series, 2013

The Sail Rock show at the Sunrise at Night Concert Series, 24th August, 2013 starred John Ford Coley, Robbie Dupree, Player, Firefall, Gary Wright, Orleans, and Christopher Cross, each of whom played their biggest hits. Orleans and Dave Muse provided backing music throughout the show. I was wondering how there were going to be so many bands playing during the evening, and this became apparent: all the musicians contributed to more than their own songs, interacting and layering the music. If I have mislabeled any of the photos, forgive me... it was a little confusing at times.

I'd waited... what... thirty years??? to hear Orleans play "Dance With Me", live... possibly the most haunting song of my teen years, it still makes me cry.

While Christopher Cross was the headliner, all these performers, with their classics, brought the audience to their feet. It was an evening of classic seventies' and eighties' soft-rock classics, an evening of tunes rather than an evening of new music.

For me, the highlights were Dave Muse's flute solo (I think it was "Dream Weaver"), Robbie Dupree's harmonica solo, and of course, Orlean's "Dance With Me".

Christopher Cross appeared shy; never the most forceful of singers, he has written some beautiful and lingering songs, "Arthur's Theme" and "Sailing" probably the most memorable.

It was like listening to a radio station that keeps playing old favourites, songs much loved back-in-the-day, but live and in person with musicians who are all still very much making the music.

Sunrise at Night concert series:

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